The White Tower: The Aldoran Chronicles, Book 1 By Michael Wisehart


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Winner 2017 National IE Award for Fantasy.

Winner 2017 Readers Favorite for Epic Fantasy.

Winner 2017 Beverly Hills Awards for Fantasy.

RunnerUp 2017 Kindle Book Awards for Fantasy/SciFi.

Magic is outlawed.

Those caught wielding it are taken to the White Tower. They are never heard from again.

After the chaos of the Wizard Wars a thousand years ago, the people turned their backs on magic. It was deemed evil. Those born with it will stop at nothing to remain hidden.

In the north, a young boy is hunted by the Black Watch. Desperate to survive, he turns to the one thing he fears most. Magic. A young girls affection for him forces her to pick up the sword. Her life may never be the same. In the east, a tortured prisoner vows to escape the White Tower. His sisters life depends on it. And in the west, a captain fights to protect his king while shielding the woman he loves from the kings son.

The world balances on the edge of a blade.

Can a handful of wielders manage to change it?

The first installment in the Aldoran Chronicles, a new epic fantasy saga filled with magic and monsters, sword and sorcery, heroes, villains, and those in between.

©2016 Michael Wisehart (P)2017 Podium Publishing

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