Self-Defense: An Alex Delaware Novel By Jonathan Kellerman


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A new patient, 24-year-old Lucy Lowell, has come to the semi-retired psychologist Alex Delaware, straight from the jury of a serial killers grisly trial. The trial was harrowing enough, but now its triggered a recurring and haunting dream in which Lucy, as a little girl, watches a gang of men bury a young womans body in the woods.

Dr. Delaware hopes to find the creepy dreams origin through hypnosis and to bring to the surface what seems to be Lucys buried childhood memory. When she becomes adamant that her life is in grave danger, its up to Dr. Delaware to find out if her fears are imagined or if a desperate killer wants to eliminate a witness to a 20-year-old murder.

©1995 Jonathan Kellerman (P)1995 Books on Tape Inc.

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