Private Eyes: Alex Delaware, Book 6 By Jonathan Kellerman


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The voice belongs to a woman, but Dr. Alex Delaware remembers a little girl. It is 11 years since seven-year-old Melissa Dickinson dialed a hospital help line for comfort - and found it in therapy with Alex Delaware. Now the lovely young heiress is desperately calling for the psychologists help once more. Only this time it looks like Melissas deepest childhood nightmare is really coming true....

Twenty years ago, Gina Dickinson, Melissas mother, suffered a grisly assault that left the budding actress irreparably scarred and emotionally crippled. Now her acid-wielding assailant is out of prison and back in L.A. - and Melissa is terrified that the monster has returned to hurt Gina again. But before Alex Delaware can even begin to soothe his former patients fears, Gina, a recluse for 20 years, disappears. And now, unless Delaware turns crack detective to uncover the truth, Gina Dickinson will be just one more victim of a cold fury that has already spawned madness - and murder.

©2003 Jonathan Kellerman (P)2014 Random House Audio

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