25 Bike Rides in the Finger Lakes, 5th Edition


English | May 14th, 2019 | ISBN: 1682683052 | 181 Pages | EPUB | 36.67 MB

The perfect companion for your next cycling tour through the Finger Lakes

For recreational cyclists everywhere, the Finger Lakes region is a must-visit hot spot. Not only are the lakes themselves a sight to see-closely grouped, deep, cool streams meandering through the hills-but waterfalls, gorges, wineries, museums, cities, and farms are all found along these cycling trails, as well.

25 Bike Rides in the Finger Lakes provides clear and detailed mile-by-mile directions for each trail, labeled maps with cues, and notes on the history and culture of the area. 25 Bike Rides in the Finger Lakes (with 5 bonus rides!) is a complete tour of both the wildlife and cultural life of the Finger Lakes region, offering something for every type of cyclist.

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